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Musicians and aficionados agree that English pianist Dave Bristow is fast emerging as one the most promising talents on the European jazz scene as a composer and improviser.

He presents here a stunning debut album of twelve originals with a team comprised of the cream of the Parisian jazz scene: Olga Amelchenko (Alto Saxophone), Christian Altehülshorst (Trumpet), Gabriel Pierre (Double Bass), Guillaume Prévost (Drums) and a bevy of stellar guest artists: Caloé (Vocals), Simon Moullier (Vibraphone) and Gustave Reichert (Guitar).

The compositions and melodies are memorable and evocative – each one creating a unique and immersive soundscape, tastefully blending the colourful timbres of the instruments within cogent and ambitious song structures. The music swings, it lilts, it dances, it sings and it teases profound feelings out of the listener. Whether it’s with the triumphant jubilation of ‘So It Goes’, the boisterous capering of ‘Nietzsche’s Beard’ or the melancholic yearning of ‘Refractions’, the album invites us to connect to our deeper selves and join the musicians on a multidirectional, often unpredictable but exciting emotional journey.

Unknown Unknown is an album of simplicity and complexity, of jubilation, but most importantly, an album with a huge heart.


1) Opening Theme
2) So It Goes
3) Refractions
4) Réflexions
5) Labyrinth
6) UB-14
7) Our lost
8) Aurora Borealis
9) Human
10) Sunbeams
11) Nietzsche’s Beard
12) Ending Theme


Dave Bristow : Piano
Olga Amelchenko : saxophone alto
Christian Altehülshorst : trompette
Gabriel Pierre : contrebasse
Guillaume Prévost : batterie


Caloé : voix
Simon Moullier :  vibraphone
Gustave Reichert : guitare