Gordon Beck Sunbird_

JMS 007-2

CD digipack

1979 / 2021

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Gordon Beck


Sunbird is a studio album by pianist Gordon Beck, released in 1979 through JMS. Featuring Guitarist Allan Holdsworth for a wild jazz fusion, where Gordon Beck also plays an excellent acoustic piano and electric Rhodes throughout drawing with him : JF Jenny-Clark’s strong bass and Aldo Romano’s energetic drums. Sunbird sees a wide spectrum of moods throughout the tracks composed by Gordon Beck.

The success of SUNBIRD in Japan and the USA is spectacular!

Sunbird was the second Beck recording to feature guitarist Allan Holdsworth, following up Conversation Piece (1977). Two additional collaborative albums would follow : The Things You See (1980) and With a Heart in My Song (1988).


1- The Gathering 2’45

2- Flight (Part1,2,3,4) 15’46

3- Halfway house 6’13

4- Sunbird 5’03

5- Second summer 6’53


Gordon Beck : Piano & Fender Electric piano

Allan Holdsworth : Electric & acoustic guitar & electric violin

Jean-François Jenny Clark : Bass

Aldo Romano : Drums & percussion